Bartle Hall transformed into a temporary homeless shelter


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City’s Bartle hall was empty just days ago. Tonight, it is giving hope to dozens of homeless men and women in Kansas City.

The Scott Eicke warming center is a public- private partnership between the city of Kansas City and community groups. It turned the Kansas City convention center into a temporary homeless shelter. 

It is named after Scott Eicke a homeless man who froze to death in Kansas City on New Years Day.

The shelter opened Friday, January 29th, and sixty residents seeking shelter spent the night. The next day dozens of Kansas-citians lined up in front of the doors of Bartle Hall again looking to escape the elements.

Brian Pugh is currently homeless. He says it has been difficult to survive this winter.

“It has been rough man,” Pugh said. “One night I was freezing to death. It’s hard man.”

Felisha Morrison said it gives them hope that better days lie ahead.

“There’s just so much hope and faith out here and help out here,” Morrison said. “Thank you so much”

Antone Washington with Creative innovative Entrepreneurs came up with this idea. He said it is a great step, but the City needs to do much more.

“They should do much more because these are their citizens,” Washington said. “They are not homeless, Kansas City is their home. They are houseless they don’t have a roof over their head.“

Friday night they were only sixty available beds, Saturday that number increased to one hundred.

With such a limited number of beds many waiting in line pray they make it inside.

“Last night I didn’t get here in time so I couldn’t get in so I was just walking the streets all night now. I’m here. I hope I get in. I pray I get in.“ Pugh, said.



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