Basketball allegiances leave metro house divided for a night with Kansas and Purdue competing in Sweet 16

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- There are two loves inside of the Dryden household: Family and basketball.

"Over the top, love love love, loved it since I was a kid watching with my dad and my two sisters," Joyce Dryden, a Kansas Jayhawks fan, said.

"My whole family is a Purdue family. My brother, my parents all went there and all of my cousins and aunts and uncles so they’re huge Purdue fans," Blair Dryden, Joyce's husband, said.

That love is evident when Kansas and Purdue are on the court.

"Usually when KU is on, my mom is always yelling and cheering whenever we get a point. So the dog is really sensitive to it, so it’ll be completely silent and she’ll just go ‘YEAH’ and the dog’s head perks up and she jumps," Maddie Dryden, Blair's daughter, described.

"In our house it’s interesting too because she is almost a bigger fan than I am in basketball. She really gets excited and really goes for it and I’m really more subtle and want Purdue to win, but I’m not going to hoot like she does," Blair said.

But there are some side effects of mixing love and basketball especially when Blair's Boilermakers and Joyce's Jayhawks play each other.

"Usually we end up in separate rooms if it gets too close like I just can’t, can’t take it," Joyce said.

"The last time KU and Purdue played, I was in second grade, I was seven and my sister was six, and they were both watching in the living room and they both said ‘mommy and daddy both don’t want you to see us so you guys can go up to bed now,'" Maddie said.

Needless to say there is a lot on the line for Thursday's Sweet 16 game between the two teams.

"Like I really don’t want Purdue to lose but I really don’t want Kansas to lose more. But it’s probably going to be a memory we have for a long time," Joyce said.

"I know if KU wins then my mom is going to get all cocky but if Purdue wins, she’ll be sulking a little bit and my dad might make some remarks but he isn’t going to be too over the top about anything," Maddie said.

But no matter who wins, Blair said the love inside the house will Trump whatever loss happens on the court.

"It’s fun just to watch the game. We may not be together in the same room with everything but it’s just fun having people all together and it’s a family atmosphere," he said.



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