Bates County family searching for stolen collection of about 300 arrowheads

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BUTLER, Mo. – A mom in Bates County is asking for help finding a collection of arrowheads that were stolen from her Butler home last week.

Kayla Knapp said a couple who she recently helped get back on their feet broke into her home while she was at work and stole several items, including three cases that held around 300 arrowheads.

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“I’m not sure where their minds where at when they did this, but I just want my arrowheads back,” Knapp said.

The arrowheads originally belonged to her ex-husband who wanted them to be passed down to their 11-year-old son, Zayne, when he got older.

“It was kind of a bonding thing for them,” Knapp said. “That’s basically the last thing he has to hold onto.”

“It was real fun,” Zayne said. “He said his mom used to take him arrowhead hunting, and he started liking it and so he started taking me.”

Knapp estimates the collection could be worth thousands of dollars, but she said they never intended to sell them. The single mom of three said she has spent hours scouring online artifact groups, Craigslist and Facebook, but she hasn’t had much luck in locating them.

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“I’m hoping whoever has them is a decent person and would return them to us as they are,” Knapp said.

She said she won’t stop looking for them because she knows they mean the world to Zayne.

“I’m going to keep pursuing and looking for these, even if it’s 10 years down the line,” she said.

“I just want them back because they mean a lot to me because I used to go and find them,” her son added.

Butler police confirmed they have someone in custody but that the arrest was connected to a different case and that the burglary is an ongoing investigation.

Knapp said the cases were custom-made and have the initials “MS” on them.


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