Beeping eggs help visually-impaired kids enjoy Easter fun

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Easter is just days away and the hunt for eggs is underway!

FOX4’s Melissa Stern spent the day at the Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired, and went along for the fun in the sensory garden.

“My daughter is in the intervention program with CCVI, which I have been to myself,” said Priscilla Vargas, one parent who attended.

Vargas brought her two-year-old, Ariela.

“Ariela was born with cataracts, just like I was. She got them removed when she was about five months old,” Vargas explained.

Ariela and many other kids participated today as they hunted for beeper eggs, which have battery-operated beepers inside that make a high-pitched tone, so kids can locate them by sound.

“As you can hear, we have beeping eggs that we put out. Children will get a bucket, they go out and collect three of the beeping eggs, come back, our volunteers will give them an egg with candy. They’ll do that three times, and then on the fourth time, they’ll come back and they’ll get one of the homemade bunnies that the ladies on the committee have made,” said Carol Coyle, the AT&T Pioneers Beep Easter Egg Coordinator.

Four-year-old Russell Dorn was excited for the hunt. He even wore a GoPro camera and showed us what it’s like on his hunt for Easter eggs.

The service organization, AT&T Pioneers, puts this on annually.

“Our goal is to help everyone, and everyone should be able to participate in an egg hunt, regardless of your sight, or your hearing or anything,” Coyle said. “The kids look forward to this every year.”

“She likes to explore, and just getting out and doing things,” added Vargas about her daughter. “It means a lot to me, Ariela is visually-impaired, but she tries to not let that stop her. She loves to play, run, jump, and I love to see that in her.”

There is another beep egg hunt tomorrow at the Kansas School of the Blind, in KCK.

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