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SHREVEPORT, La. — The witches of Salem are back. Full of horror, revenge, even romance. And this season, their playground is bigger and better. A majority of the scenes are shot on 30-acres of land outside Shreveport in a small town called Grand Cane. An entire village was built in the middle of the woods. There’s a church, a doctor’s office and homes. And this season, a new poor side of town called Knocker’s Hole.

“We are sitting right here in Salem that is partly the real Salem and partly the Salem of our imagination,” said Adam Simon, Co-Creator.

“I didn’t know what I was coming to. I just knew that it was great acting, beautifully written real-life show and I wanted to be a part of it,” Lucy Lawless, Salem actor said.

“It’s a great town. They’re so supportive of us filming here and living here,” said Seth Gabel.

Salem airs Sunday night on our sister network, WGN America.

Salem is co-created by Brannon Braga (“Star Trek,” “Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey”) and Adam Simon (“The Haunting in Connecticut,” “Bones”). They promise more horror and shocking revelations than before, saying there are some surprising twists right off the bat.  There are also some new characters to meet.

Brannon Braga talking about Shane’s character (Captain John Alden): “Season two does begin with some surprising twists. John Alden is on a trajectory this year, a lethal trajectory.”