KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The weekend weather forecast promises temperatures that could clear 100 degrees.

People across the midwest are preparing for a summertime heatwave, which could see temperatures clear 100 degrees. Some weather watchers say the hottest stretch of the summer is about to arrive, as the mercury could climb to dangerous heights.

An Excessive Heat Advisory is expected to go into effect for the Kansas City metro on Saturday.

FOX4’s weather team reports a high pressure heat dome is expected to deliver seriously hot weather.

When it comes to home air conditioning units, Zach Buckner is prepared to come to the rescue. His family business, Bucker Heating and Cooling, has been bailing out homeowners for decades.

Buckner fears for homeowners with air conditioning units that haven’t been running at peak performance. He explained that their luck may run out amid this heatwave, since hotter conditions force these machines to work harder, and potentially fail.

“That’s when you see your equipment pushed to the limit. Any ongoing problem with the equipment is really tested at those times,” Buckner said on Thursday.

Buckner recommends making sure the air conditioner outside your home is clear and free of debris and dirt.

He recommends spraying it with a garden hose once a month is a good idea, but using a pressure washer can potentially damage the unit.

Also, Buckner said now is the time to change air conditioner filters if you haven’t already.

The Salvation Army of Kansas and Western Missouri has people ready with a remedy. The non-profit’s disaster relief vans are activated when conditions eclipse 90 degrees.

Steve Lieker, who directs disaster relief services for that metro agency, said it isn’t only homeless people his agency serves in the heat.

“It could be an ordinary day and it just sneaks up on you. Those temperatures as the afternoon gets later and later, you don’t realize how dehydrated you can get,” Lieker explained.