Belton community comes together to remember two teens killed after being hit by car

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BELTON, Mo. — An emotional night in Belton as the community gathered to remember two teenagers who were killed on Friday.

Jacob Zimmer and Cody Langer were hit by the driver of a car as they were walking home. Police are not saying much about the night.

Some family members of the teens said that even they are still waiting on answers from Belton police, but Sunday night was about grieving as a community.

Cody Langer’s sister  Marlonna Langer read a poem in honor of her brother and his friend, Jacob Zimmer who were killed on Friday.

The Belton High School Juniors were hit by a car while walking down Pecuilar Drive. Friends of the two 16-year-old teens said they had just left a nearby restaurant and were on their way home.

Chance Shoemaker was close to both teens. He said Jacob and Cody were some of the most selfless people he had ever met.

“They always came to us for comfort and now it’s hard to look for comfort, Shoemaker said. “I never thought that somebody could influence you so much in so short amount of time because Jacob and Cody taught me things in 4 to 5 months that it takes a lifetime to sometimes learn.

Their deaths are just the latest tragedy to hit Belton High School. In the last three months, four students at the school have died after being involved in car-related crashes.

Belton High Principal Phil Clark, surrounded by other heartbroken faculty and staff, championed his students to love one another.

“One is too many and we’re struggling right now with several and those at Belton High School, we go back to Montana, we go back to Nick and now we’ve got Jacob and Cody and it’s not easy,” said Clark. “We would ask that the community to lift Belton High School and the Belton community in prayer for those that will discover this reality tomorrow.”

The school plans to have grief counselors available Monday.

Belton police have only said that they found the vehicle involved and talked to the driver but nothing about potential charges.



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