BELTON, Mo. — Homeless for the holiday, that’s been the situation one Belton family has been facing, all while taking care of their 4-month-old twins who were born prematurely.

“I’m honestly,” mom Lisette Avila said. “I’m devastated.”

Avila said she was wrapping presents for her twins on Christmas eve when water started pouring into their apartment.

Fiancé Damien Bithel rushed home to pick up their boys off the wet floor and got them safely out of the house.

The next day, on Christmas, they said it happened again. This time sparking an electrical fire.

“I watched water rush out everywhere. I thought that I was going to lose my kids. I thought that I was going to lose my life,” Avila said. “I watched my house go up the next day in smoke and even more water and it happened even faster the second time.”

Avila said their clothes have smoke and water damage. Her twin boys were born two months early and need extra care. She said they lost hundreds of dollars worth of medication.

“We have a NICU nurse that comes once a week to do their care and check their vitals and to make sure that they’re growing and everything correctly,” Avila said.

“She can no longer do that because we don’t have power at the apartment,” Bithel said.

The Belton Fire Department said crews found an active leak in an upstairs apartment and water had flowed into electrical outlets.

Fire crews shut off water and power to the apartements to avoid any more damage.

“It might be nothing,” Belton Fire Chief John Sapp said. “But it could be that it could heat up enough and short out enough that it could cause a fire within the home which would cause, you know, the whole thing to burn down.”

Property managers expect the power to be on and people to be back inside on Wednesday.

“We’ve already taken care of the water breaks yesterday; we’re working on getting the power restored,” Pres. of Blue River Maintenance Jim Jones said, “So that we can get the heat restored and make sure there’s no further leak.”

Property managers told FOX4 they’re prorating rent for these tenant for the rest of this month.

Firefighters who worked this seen also showed this couple kindness. They pulled what they had from their pockets — giving the couple $40 in gas money. The family was forced to stay two hours away from their home.

If you would like to help the family, here is a link to a GoFundMe page.