Belton man fears for his safety following targeted acts of vandalism

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BELTON, Mo. – A homeowner is worried about his safety after frightening acts of vandalism occurred in his Belton neighborhood.

Early Sunday morning Charles Koons, 22, says he woke up, came outside and saw some disturbing graffiti sprayed on his house here in Belton.  The offensive remarks include "Leave or I’ll kill you,” “Keyomi dog abuser," and others which are too offensive to mention.

Keyomi is Koons' husky Australian-mix.

"She’s friendly," said Koons. "I would never hurt my dog, Keyomi. I love her to death and she's one of my best friends."

Koons and his fiancée have lived at their home for a year.

Koons, who's a singer and a guitar player, told FOX 4 that in August, he quit playing for a local rock band.

"I was in a band with these guys. I used to work with them and they told me they'd ruin my reputation any way they can," Koons said.

He says over the summer the same guys beat him up, and over the weekend Koons believes the same men spray painted the messages on his home.

"I do want them to be arrested and prosecuted. I mean it's awful and they're threatening my life and have been for months,” said Koons.

William Sidwell says hours before Koons made the disturbing discovery, he saw someone run from his neighobor's house and hop in a car.

"They went from that door all the way to this car over there,” said Sidwell. "I was coming home. It was really about three or four in the morning and I seen a guy running from this house over to a Honda, maybe a Toyota, something black or blue, dark blue."

Belton police are investigating to see if a past ongoing dispute is connected to the acts of vandalism.

"I’m not scared of these people. I just had the flu is the only reason they got away with this,” said Koons.

Meantime, the mean-spirited messages, which Koons is now painting over, have also outraged some of his neighbors.

"It’s very bold. I mean I wish they would've gotten caught,” said neighbor Linda Spitler.

"It’s wrong! It shouldn't be in the neighborhood. It shouldn't be in this town or city or anywhere in the USA,” said R.D. Hall, another neighbor.

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