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BELTON, Mo. — Court documents detail the events leading up to a man stabbing a woman multiple times in the face in at Casey’s General Store in Belton.

James Cook, 42, was charged with first-degree domestic assault with serious injury and armed criminal action and is being held without bond.

Police responded to the Casey’s near East 163rd Street and Cornerstone Drive on Monday after reports of a woman was covered in blood in the passenger seat of a vehicle.

Officers found the woman on the scene inside a blue Pontiac G6 parked front bumper to front bumper with a blue Chevrolet pickup truck.

The people who called police were on scene and taken to the station for interviews.

According to their accounts, Cook is one of their sons and they received a call from Cook at about 6 a.m. Monday asking for help jump starting his vehicle at the Casey’s.

When they arrived, Cook told them he also needed gas, and they asked about a blood stain on his shirt and Cook said he “got into it with someone.”

They couple went to get a gas can from Wal-Mart and left Cook at the Pontiac. When they returned, they saw Cook had blood on his forehead, arms, hands and all over his clothes.

They went to check on the woman in the car and when they pulled the blanket down, they saw blood on her face and eye. They called for an ambulance and Cook left the scene.

Police were told that Cook had previously served 10 years in jail for a stabbing in Lafayette County. They also said he previously had a drug problem and believe he still does after being released from prison three years ago.

Police interviewed the victim at the hospital and were told she had 15 lacerations and multiple skull fractures.

She told police that she was dating Cook since 2019 and they lived in Independence. She said they left their house at 9 p.m. the night before and were headed to a relative’s home.

She was driving south when Cook told her to get off on Pryor Road. She said Cook accused her of killing his brother and grandmother, and forced her to swallow a substance that she did not identify.

She drove onto 150 Highway before becoming dizzy and puling over to switch seats where she was in and out of consciousness while he drove.

The victim said she did remember seeing the Casey’s and was stabbed in the back of the neck and arm while they were there. She told police Cook had a black knife with a green skull on it.

Cook was apprehended after being spotted by police near 155th Street and Vicie Avenue.

Police interviewed Cook and he told them he did not remember how he got to the Casey’s, but the car broke down there. He tried to push the vehicle up the road, but ended up waiting in the vehicle until the morning when he called his mother for help.

He heard his mother and her boyfriend scream about the woman’s condition and he kissed her on the forehead and walked away. He said he was afraid of what police would do to him.

Cook said he did not remember having a knife in his hand, but remembers the victim asking for it.

At the end of the interview, he told investigators to tell the victim that he hoped she would recover from the injuries.

A knife was recovered from the vehicle through a search warrant. Cook was arraigned Wednesday morning and pleaded not guilty.