BELTON, Mo. — The Belton Police Department provided an update Tuesday on an alleged drug ingestion that occurred at a homecoming dance at Belton High School.

Some students at Belton High School told FOX4 they were drugged at the school dance, but the district denied those claims.

The police department said two off-duty officers worked the dance on Oct. 1.

During the dance, the department said a student arrived intoxicated, and school staff stopped them from entering. The school notified the student’s parents, and the teen went to a nearby hospital by ambulance.

The school district and police are still investigating the incident.

According to Belton police, they were unaware of any other incidents during the remainder of the dance.

But on Oct. 2, the department said there were several social media posts and reports stating that students were dosed with an unknown substance. None of the alleged incidents were reported to the police department.

Police assigned an investigator to take over the investigation of potential criminal activity that may have taken place after social media posts continued to circulate.

Later, the investigator interviewed students and parents to determine what happened at the dance and obtained surveillance video.

The department said five students made claims of potential drug interaction, but three tested negative for all substances. Two students did test positive for controlled substances.

One of those students tested positive, but did not report their symptoms until later in the night after the dance.

Police are still investigating how and where the two students ingested the substances.

Through their investigation, police determined any allegations that food products may have been tampered with at the dance are false.

After reviewing the video from the school, the department said several school staff members supervised the snack table during the dance. The snack table was in the view of the camera throughout the dance.

Belton police believe the students who consumed controlled substances did so independently, and that there’s no evidence that someone tampered with food or drinks.

Police are still investigating. Anyone with additional information is asked to contact the Belton Police Department at 816-331-5522.