Belton Regional Hospital Gets State-of-the-Art Makeover, Hires 50 New People

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BELTON, Mo. — After breaking ground nearly two years ago, the Belton Regional Medical Center will open its new emergency department Thursday and new operating suites on Monday. The nearly $40 million expansion project features a 37,000 square foot addition to the hospital. The hospital will also hire 50 new people.

The new emergency department is more than double the size of the old ER.

“We are providing more space, more privacy for our patients and families but a great environment for our staff and our doctors to work in as well,” said Chief Nursing Officer Karen Lee.

The expansion also features new operating rooms.

“As far as I know, this is the most state-of-the-art OR in the Kansas City metro area until someone else builds the next one,” said Chief Operating Officer Todd Krass.

Krass said the hospital is invested in the community. He said nearly all of the $40 million spent on the project has stayed with local businesses.

“Of that, we’ve been able to keep almost 100 percent of that in the Kansas City metro area with the largest portion of that staying right in Cass County and southern Jackson County with all our sub-contractors,” said Krass.

With the expansion, not to mention the additional renovation to come of the old ER, means jobs and lots of them. Krass said the hospital is currently filling nearly 50 new positions.

“It starts all the way from doctors to housekeepers and everything in between,” he said. Krass.

Krass added that the expansion and renovation are long overdue, but worth the wait.

“Our population has grown faster than our hospital,” he said. “We opened up in 1984, we started doing capital improvements in 2009 with our first project, and I imagine we have more to go.”

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