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SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (WFLA/CNN) – One of the first major businesses to explicitly support efforts to defund police departments, Ben & Jerry’s posted a Juneteenth message calling on Americans to “dismantle the old system and build a new one that guarantees freedom and justice for all.”

The Vermont-based ice cream company posted a detailed breakdown on its website of what the movement to defund police means:

“That we stop spending our tax dollars on so many of the discredited, dangerous, and racist parts of policing and instead invest that money in community-driven solutions that foster real health, peacekeeping, and safety.”

The company added that even now, in 2020, “We know that Black men, women, and children are not fully free. They’re not free to live their own lives in their own skin, free of harassment, free of violence, and free of fear. It’s long past time for that change.”