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A new challenge has popped up on social media in honor of beloved late actress Betty White and her love for animals.

White, who passed away at age 99 just weeks before her 100th birthday, was not only known for her acting career, but also her dedication to animal advocacy.

Comedic actress and animal advocate Betty White poses with canine star Uggie on the red carpet at her Friars Club Roast in New York City, sponsored by Instinct(R) natural pet food. According to Uggie’s trainer Omar von Muller (pictured right), “Uggie eats Instinct Raw every day.” (Photo: Business Wire)

Now, in honor of her upcoming birthday on Jan. 17, fans across the world plan to donate $5 to animal shelters of their choice. The trend has been dubbed as the “BettyWhiteChallenge.”

According to Bloomberg, White served as a board member of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association and trustee of the Morris Animal Foundation since the ’70s.