Biden executive order could help millions still waiting on stimulus checks


OLATHE, Kan. — President Joe Biden issued an executive order Friday that could help millions of Americans still waiting on stimulus checks. 

The order essentially directs the U.S. Treasury Department to come up with a better system of distributing money to the American people. It’s unclear how quickly it might help people waiting on the latest $600 checks, but a solution could be in place in time for $1,400 that could possibly be coming in a third round of stimulus money.

Every day Shawntale Hutchinson checks her mail and finds the same thing is missing, her $600 stimulus check. 

“I looked at the IRS site, and they said they sent it out on the 6th and today’s the 22nd,” she said.

Hutchinson received the first stimulus check under the CARES Act directly in her bank account, so she’s not sure why things changed. 

Clyde McQueen, president of the Full Employment Council of Kansas City, said he gets multiple calls daily from people waiting on stimulus checks and extended unemployment benefits.  

“They are understandably quite frustrated because you are looking at paying rent, you are looking at paying utilities, you are looking at buying food — and that’s a major challenge for many of those persons unfortunately,” McQueen said. 

In his executive order, Biden said 8 million Americans didn’t get the first $1,200 check last year. Many of those cases were chalked up to people who didn’t file taxes because they were lower income brackets. A site was set up for them in 2020, but not this time.

“You just have a perfect storm, a change of administration, passage of a new bill. That’s kind of what’s happening right now,” McQueen explained. 

The order comes as the President is trying to build Congressional support for a $1.9 trillion relief plan that would include $1,400 stimulus checks.

“Yeah, I think it’s worth it because they didn’t get fired because they didn’t come into work at 8 o’clock. They got laid off because of a disease that’s got everybody scared and in the downturn affected our commerce,” McQueen said.

Hutchinson hopes if those checks are approved, the system of distributing them improves. She’s just glad having to wait a little longer for her check shouldn’t make her have to go without. 

“I’m just thinking of all the other people who have children, and they are one bill away from not having food, gas, lights, medicine. My heart goes out to them because this is crazy,” Hutchinson said.



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