KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Big 12 basketball tournament has been a big boost for downtown businesses, dispensaries included.

From The Earth dispensary, which sits less than a block from T-Mobile Center, is located in a prime spot for Big 12 fans.

“Lots of people. Lots of out-of-towners. It’s their first tome coming to a dispensary,” said From the Earth General Manager Sam Morrison.

He says they’ve seen a lot of visitors from states where marijuana is illegal or strictly regulated.

“They feel like they’re walking in a candy store for the first time. They’re looking at the menus and all the endless possibilities.” 

That’s the case for Jesse and Ashley who came to the metro to cheer on Iowa State. They actually based part of their trip on the fact that adult-use marijuana is now legal in Missouri.

“We decided to stop here in the Missouri side because of recreational marijuana. I prefer to use it because I don’t drink alcohol.” 

Morrison said From the Earth has kept a steady pace since opening and he expects the dispensary to stay busy.

“With all the events it seems like every weekend, we had Bruce Springsteen recently, it’s just kind of… it feels like it’s going to be constantly busy, and it’s something we have to adapt to.”