Big, Hairy Toe: Another awkward moment while flying


Sarah J Clark | Twitter

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You may have seen the video of one passenger falling asleep — head bobbing over a stranger’s lap — while flying from Baltimore to Manchester, N.H. An awkward situation for sure. If you haven’t seen it, click here.

It reminded me of a recent encounter I had with a stranger’s hairy (and crusty) foot while en route from Chicago to Tanzania. When I say hairy, I mean long, steely black hairs on the big toe. You could have made rope out of them. Traveling internationally I was prepared for inconveniences, but this was absurd. And gross.

I wasn’t even out of the country yet. In fact, I wasn’t even off the O’Hare’s tarmac(!) when a woman sitting behind me propped her hairy toe on the back of my arm rest. At first I thought, “Surely she’s not going to leave it there.” But she did — for quite a while. In between moments of gagging (and bouts of uncontrollable laughter), I snapped a few pictures and posted them on Twitter.

Sarah J Clark | Twitter
Sarah J Clark | Twitter

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a picture that received so much reaction on Twitter. My favorite came from Amanda Palumbo who told me to “STAB IT WITH A PEN!!!!!!!!”

Tempting. But then I would have risked bodily fluids getting on me and #yuck. The crusty, dry skin and black hairs standing at attention was enough to give me nightmares. I couldn’t imagine stabbing it. I wanted to get as far away from it as possible.

The woman eventually moved her appendage from my arm rest and I managed to endure the ordeal without ever bumping into it. But I did get some pics that are still difficult for me to look at. I mean, really? If you’re going to stick your feet up in other people’s business, make sure you’re feet are pretty first. Or at the very least, shave your toes. Right?

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