Birthday parade surprises 86-year-old Michigan woman


Like many others who are celebrating a birthday during the stay-at-home orders, this birthday will be one Mary Sharp never forgets.

“Of course I’ll remember this, always,” said Sharp.

“Because of social distancing, we wanted to find a way to celebrate her birthday,” said Marie Stoneburner, Mary’s daughter.

Her closest friends and family wanted to spread the birthday cheer on her special day with a drive-by parade.

“It couldn’t of been better,” said Stoneburner.

“I’m overwhelmed, overwhelmed to have a turnout like this,” said Sharp.

The street was filled with blaring horns and cheerful words displayed across several posters.

“I wish I could hug the little ones,” said Sharp.

Before the birthday celebration could begin, Sharp woke up to something unusual outside her window this morning. Pink flamingos were in her yard.

Stoneburner said it’s an idea she got from other birthday bashes.

“That’s how it started,” Stoneburner said. “Let’s flock mom.”

Never did this family think they’d celebrate more than six feet away from each other, but it’s one birthday they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

“We want to let her know that we love her and we didn’t forget her birthday,” said Stoneburner.

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