Bitterly cold temperatures can stop you before you even start your car

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The bitter cold winter temperatures may stop you in your tracks even before you get out of your garage. In fact, you may find yourself trapped in your garage.

Experts say extreme temperatures can cause parts to wear out and break, leaving your garage door opener useless.

“Cold weather puts a strain on all of the metal components of the doors,” said Kacy Burt, a technician with Overhead Door Kansas City. “It can stress them as well as the plastic components.”

Burt says common problems include the tension springs and wire cables. Springs he says, have an average 10,000 cycle life expectancy which can be shortened with extreme heat or cold.

“Typically emergencies occur when a small problem is ignored and then it becomes a big problem,” Burt added.

He recommends an annual maintenance check up to catch wear and tear that might be vulnerable to weather extremes. Those service packages cost around $100, but can catch problems before they occur at the worst possible time, when you’re trying to get to work or school.

“These little preventative maintenance things can really go along way,” said Burt.



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