Bitter cold not stopping some from Christmas Eve plans in Kansas City


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Even though everyone knows Santa is coming, the cold coming before him is catching some people in Kansas City off-guard.

A lot of people plan out and have high hopes for their Christmas Eve outfit. That’s true even in a year like this one that might not have a bunch of big gatherings.

But people still want to get out of the house, often unprepared.

For example, the footwear is mostly uniform at the rink at Crown Center. Apart from that, people start making their own clothing decisions – including Josh Porter who said he was visiting his brother.

“It’s freezing. It’s pretty cold,” Porter said while wearing a long sleeve button up shirt over a t-shirt. He wore no jacket.

Others take a wiser approach.

“I have my earmuffs, my gloves, my Chiefs scarf. Foggy glasses – they’re a necessary thing. Then I have my Zippo heating pack,” Nicole Kessler said.

The other required items, masks, in these moments also keep faces warm. They also allow Candace Wesley to accessorize.

“Today I’m naughty. Tomorrow I’ll be the nice,” she said through a mask embroidered with the word ‘naughty’.

“It’s chilly but still – with the spirit – the people come out. I think it’s the reservation thing. You have to book before you come. I think that plays a big part in it,” Wesley said.

On the plaza, the sidewalks are not as full as you might imagine except for a few stray last-minute gift-getters.

“It’s pretty cold. Always down to the last minute,” Rachel Stanley said. “I gotta buy my mom something. You know, just like a normal mom gift like candle. Yeah, all the moms love that.”



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