‘Bizarre’ case of animal cruelty discovered in Missouri town

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CHILLICOTHE, Mo. — Police in Chillicothe, Mo., said they are investigating one of the most usual cases of animal cruelty they have ever seen.

Police received an anonymous tip that sent them to a home where a number of rabbits were being abused. Police described what they found as bizarre.

“They had rabbit cages that weren’t being kept up, feces wasn’t being cleaned up or removed from the cages,” said Captain Tony Kirkendoll. “Animals were laying in their own urine and feces. They were left out in the sun, no shade.”

Police found 17 neglected animals and two decomposed rabbits. The rabbits that were found alive are being treated at an area shelter.

James Venneman, 29, of Chillicothe, faces 18 counts of animal cruelty and neglect charges.

Chillicothe is about 90 miles northeast of Kansas City, Mo.



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