Black Friday shopping with kids tests parents’ patience and distraction skills

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Shoppers are out to make sure there are plenty of gifts to go under the Christmas Trees.

When you turn it into a big family affair, how do you keep kids entertained while mom and dad shop?

Shopping on Black Friday can be a bit of a struggle, waiting in long lines and navigating big crowds. But imagine shopping with a few toddlers in tow.

Sometimes it’s the smallest member of the family who makes the big decisions.

A lot of parents slowly comb through the best deals at Nebraska Furniture Mart, but for their littles,  it’s whatever feels best.

“Purple is her color. Anything purple or Frozen will sell her on it,” says Annie Bates who is shopping for her two-year-old Willa.

“You’ll see her trying things out, climbing up and down. She probably tries out more things than we do,” says Andrew Corrao of his toddler Sophia.

It’s a skill shopping on Black Friday with some children still in the terrible but parents come with a strategy

“I have my three year old son in a shopping cart and he has the tablet and my five year old daughter in another shopping cart and she has a cell phone to keep her entertained,” says Erica Fairley who developed this plan when her son was born.

There are babes carted around, older kids glued to their smart phones, and toddlers zipping through furniture. It helps when parents let the kids shop first, adults shop later.

Being a parent hoping to snag the latest deals just means a little flexibility and a lot of planning.

But really, what’s Black Friday without shopping with the entire family?



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