Black Lives Matter signs stolen from Shawnee yard and replaced with American flags


SHAWNEE, Kan. — Manu Rattan says there used to be two Black Lives Matter signs in front of his house before they were stolen overnight.

Now someone’s replaced them with two American flags.

“It would seem like someone’s trying to insinuate that the Black Lives movement is un-American or unpatriotic. I don’t really know what the symbolism of the two American flags is,” Rattan said.

Rattan’s family initially put the Black Lives Matter signs in their yard around the time of the George Floyd protests in June. Rattan says a couple of months ago, someone tore up their yard signs. Now they’ve been stolen.

“It is slightly disturbing that someone would take time out of their day or night to come and remove personal property off of my property that belongs to me..without really any cause or reason,” Rattan said.

Stealing signs from someone’s yard is considered a misdemeanor in Kansas. Neighbors say the situation is disappointing.

“The Trump signs being removed, the BLM signs being removed. Everyone wants their voice heard,” neighbor, Damon Lewis said. “For someone else to try to take that voice from them, whether it’s pulling a sign or whatever. It’s kind of embarrassing to say the least, whether it’s on either side.”

Rattan said no matter how many times his family’s signs are destroyed, they will continue to put new ones on their property.

“My wife is African-American and we have three mixed children. The Black Lives movement does mean a lot to us as a family,” Rattan said.

Rattan’s wife said they didn’t file a police report the first time this happened. But they will do so this time.



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