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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A blind military veteran fighting cancer became the target in a South Kansas City home invasion, and now he’s asking for your help finding the man responsible.

“I’m blind, you know?” said Virgil Wright. “Don’t make a disabled person a victim – we’re victim enough.”

Wright is a proud Army veteran who once served overseas. He’s now living without his sight, after a surgery to remove a brain tumor left him blind seven years ago.

“It`s been rough,” he admitted. “I mean, the first year, or year-and-a-half, I went through some depression. I guess anybody would.”

He’s also now fighting bone cancer but refuses to let his health battles bring him down. Instead, he remains optimistic and active, often walking around his neighborhood.

“I think maybe he could`ve drove through the neighborhood, seen me out there, seen a blind guy, ‘Okay, that’s the easy mark!’” said Wright as he wondered why the burglar chose his house.

Sure, he may be blind, but he’s brave; so when someone broke into his home, Wright felt the need to protect it.

“Although I’m blind,” Wright said, “I’m still a man and I’m going to stand my ground. Sounds crazy, but you know, I’m military-trained.”

Wright said he was asleep in his bed when his roommate, who sleeps in a room downstairs, came running and said a stranger smashed a window and was inside their house.

Instead of running away or hiding, Wright chose to confront him.

“When you see things and when you see what`s going on, that`s what brings about fear,” Wright said. “And I couldn`t see what was going on.”

But he soon realized the danger when the stranger put an assault rifle to his chest.

“My roommate hollered, said, ‘He’s got a gun!’ That`s when I backed up,” Wright said. “I just thank God that he didn’t pull the trigger.”

He and his roommate ran upstairs to call police, and the burglar ran off empty-handed. It was a close call that now brings Wright to tears.

“Just the whole situation… Why I got to deal with this stuff?” he said.

But he’s sharing his story, in hopes police soon catch the person responsible.

“I ain’t no special case,” Wright said. “But it has got to stop somewhere. It has to stop somewhere.”

Virgil’s roommate said the burglar is a tall, thin black man in his late 20’s. During the burglary he was wearing all black and a gray fedora, while carrying what they believed was an AK-47.

If you know anything about the crime, call Crime Stoppers at (816) 474- TIPS.