Blind Pooch Gets a Guide Dog

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TULSA Okla. — Some dogs are known for being seeing-eye-dogs not for having one. A blind dog named Tanner has a new buddy that serves as his guide dog. CNN’s Jeanne Moos talked to a vet who knows the dog’s history.

Tanner has epileptic seizures that cause him to lose control of  his bodily functions. When his adoptive owner died, the dog’s seizures got worse.

Tanner was paired with Blair, a stray who was taken to the Woodland West Animal Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma after suffering a gunshot wound to the leg. Tanner
and Blair bonded in the play yard.

Blair leads Tanner by the leash with her teeth. The dogs are up for adoption as a pair. Tanner’s seizures used to come every day or so but after two months of working with Blair, he’s only had a couple.

Now, that Blair has recovered from the gunshot wound, she is no longer timid and shy.

The pair is now inseparable.

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