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LAWRENCE, Kan. – It’s September, or as some people in the Sunflower State call it, “sunflower season.”

“It’s just gorgeous. You come out here and it’s just flowers for as far as the eye can see,” Kerry Wixon said, visiting Grinter Farms Wednesday.

For more than 40 years Farmer Ted Grinter has been planting sunflowers. It started as a way to get birdseed. But soon crowds started to flock to the Leavenworth County, Kansas field north of 40 Highway.

“It’s just so peaceful and beautiful,” Christy Fisher said.

“What’s fun for me is when somebody says ‘I came out here as a kid,’ and now they are bringing their kids out and they are still doing it, which is pretty neat,” Grinter said.

Eliana Wixon made her first trip to the field at 8 weeks old Wednesday.

“It’s been such a blessing to have it so close to Kansas City and just beautiful every time we come out here,” her father said.

It’s not Linda Rollins first time, as you can probably guess by her sunflower bracelet and earrings.

“This is actually our second trip today. Just to be with the grandchildren and see them before the big crowds come,” Rollins said.

With 28 acres, Farmer Ted estimates there’s about 600,00 sunflowers for you to choose from for those sunflower selfies. Which leaves plenty of room for people to spread out during the second year of the pandemic. Even on what’s expected to once again be a busy Labor Day weekend with the sunflowers in full bloom. For Farmer Ted, it’s still picture perfect.

“I like putting smiles on people’s faces, I enjoy it,” Grinter said.