Blooming sunflowers decorate Kansas countryside with sunshine


Sunflowers at Grinter Farms are in full bloom, decorating the fields with a golden hue. (Photo: Judy Le/WDAF-TV 4)

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LAWRENCE, Kan. — As we all know, Kansas is the Sunflower State and now is the chance to see the flowers in full bloom. The sea of gold is breathtaking. There’s more than a million sunflowers to see. Valerie Anderson, who was taking photographs on Monday, hoped to capture them all.

Anderson tried five times to visit Grinter Farms, but was never able to see the flowers because they bloom only two-to-three weeks a year.

“I’ve been out here so many times where I’ve missed it that I told my husband I didn’t want to drive all the way out there, what if they’re mostly dead? He’s like, just go,” Anderson explained.

So with a camera in one hand and a stool in the other, Anderson took in the enormity of the field.

“I wanted to catch the light because sunflowers have a tendency to follow the light,” she said.

“Everyone likes to come out and see it. You don’t have to drive six hours to western Kansas to see them. It’s local, people coming out in the field. They’re having fun,” said Ted Grinter of Grinter Farms. He’s been in business for more than 30 years and intends to harvest the sunflower seeds for bird feed.

There are three donation boxes stationed around the farm, the farm operates on an honor system of $1/head, and in turn they plant thousands of dollars worth every year. Anderson said she wanted to leave the fields be so others could see what she did.

“There were just people out here cutting the flowers, but I want to leave them for everyone else,” said Anderson.

If you stop by the weekend of September 13-14, you’ll still be able to see the sunflowers in full bloom. But some of them will lose their vibrancy.

Click this link for more information about Grinter Farms.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story indicated that the sunflowers are free to take, which is not true. The owners indicated on Facebook Monday night that it runs on an honor system of $1/head



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