Blue Spring neighbors frustrated by repeated car break-ins

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — A Blue Springs neighborhood is getting fed up, after being repeatedly targeted with car break-ins.

Some say it has been happening for weeks, even with doors locked.

The thefts have been happening in the South Manor neighborhood, just southeast of 40 and 7 highways.

“It’s very disheartening somebody would break in and take all my ID and stuff. It’s just a hassle,” Chris Layland said.

Layland uses art supplies for her work with troubled families. To keep it safe, she locked up her Dodge minivan overnight.

She didn’t know anything had happened, until her credit card company called Thursday morning.

“They said there was unusual activity. It was $1,100, so they did a good job,” Layland said.

Thankfully, her bank put a stop to it, and she won’t be responsible for the charges. But her van was a mess.

“All of our glove box and all the things inside the car were completely on the seat and strewn all over the car. They had rummaged through the change areas inside the care take any of that,” Layland said.

But they did grab her wallet, and it’s been a pain to cancel cards and get a new license.

“It sounds whiny but yeah, my feelings are hurt. Why would you do this? It’s just silly,” Layland said.

Layland learned on Facebook that she’s not alone.

A neighbor down the street caught surveillance images of a guy rummaging through two cars, spending nearly an hour on his property. That homeowner also told FOX4 the suspect also sneaked into the yard and peeped into his windows.

“My husband didn’t want me to file a report with the police, but I thought it needed to be done so at least there’s a paper trail if something else happens to either us or in the neighborhood,” Layland said.

In many cases, people here have had very small things like phone chargers taken from their cars.

But neighbors say no matter how small, everyone affected should file a police report to help police track down the suspect before anything more serious happens.

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