Blue Springs church members spend nights in the cold to help homeless

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — 13-year-old Jon Calhoun spent the night in a big box last night, and even though it was covered with a plastic tarp, it got cold.

“It makes me know how the homeless feel, but it also lets me know that they need help because we get to feel what they’re doing,” Calhoun explained.

For ten years, during the second weekend in January, the front lawn of First Christian Church in Blue Springs turns into a makeshift homeless camp.

The reason they’re freezing  is to collect blankets and cold weather gear for Kansas City’s homeless.

“Last night it got really, really cold,” volunteer Linda Michaels said. “It takes a sleeping bag and three blankets. You don’t get by with one blanket. We work out here to get a blanket to people. Not enough. They need more than one blanket to keep warm, I learned that.”

They use nothing but wooden pallets and tarps to build the camp. The only heat source is a burn barrel.

Over the years, this small church has donated thousands of pounds of blankets to the various agencies in the metro working to help the homeless.

But for some reasons, donations this year are drastically down, about a tenth of what they brought in last year by some volunteers’ estimates.

The church is urging the community to donate to their cause and help those struggling outside in the cold.

You can visit First Christian Church and make a donation at 701 NW 15th Street in Blue Springs.



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