Blue Springs family grateful for good Samaritan’s help after teens crash on rainy night

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Six teens are lucky to be alive after a car crash on 40 Highway in Blue Springs last week.

They said they weren’t wearing their seat belts. Although they learned their lesson the hard way, the teens are grateful for a good Samaritan’s help.

Clayton Smoot told FOX4 he’s thankful for another chance at life.

“I’m very thankful. My dad always tells me to thank God,” Smoot said.

On Thursday, Smoot was one of those teens packed in the car, traveling east on 40 Highway. Smoot admits the driver was speeding in the rain.

The driver ended up hitting a slick spot on the road, and the vehicle hydroplaned, crashing into a ditch.

“Whenever we hit the ditch, all of our bodies kind of yanked around. Our car almost flipped over,” he said.

Smoot was able to help his friends out of the car. While they waited in the rain for paramedics to come, a good Samaritan showed up to assist the teens.

“If you can’t be there, it’s good to know that there’s other people out there that are willing to stop,” Smoot’s dad, Ray Irvin, said.

The man, Zac Crews, sat the teens in his warm car. He waited with them until police arrived.

Before Crews reached the scene, Smoot said about 10 other cars drove by — without offering any help.

“I was surprised because he was young. He was a very young guy. Whenever he stopped, I was very grateful for him,” Smoot said.

The teen said Crews’ kindness shows there’s still a lot of good people in the world.

He may have a couple fractured bones from the crash, but he and his family know things could be much worse.

“I’m very, very, very thankful for him,” Smoot said.

“To be honest because it was so close, it could’ve gone so bad, so fast. It didn’t luckily,” Irvin said.

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