BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — The Blue Springs Police Department launched a license plate reader program this month, and says it is already seeing results.

There are now 24 cameras installed across the city that automatically scan license plates. The cameras are focused on high-traffic and commercial areas where crimes like car break-ins and shoplifting are often reported.

Blue Springs police said in less than a week, the cameras are credited with helping officers solve two crimes. One of the crimes is connected to several other crimes in the area, according to officers.

“Our number one priority is keeping our residents safe,” said Bob Muenz, Blue Springs Police Department Chief. “This new camera system is an additional tool that not only helps officers solve crimes after they happen, but also deters crime before it happens.”

The cameras scan license plates and checks databases for things like stolen cars, warrants, and AMBER Alerts. When a match is detected, the system sends an alert to police. Officers then respond to the area.

Cameras are also set up in city parks in an effort to deter vandalism and other crimes.

Right now, the cameras are part of a pilot program.

Police and parks staff will analyze the data and results over 90 days to determine if the program should expand and become permanent.