Blue Springs police warn of new scam involving threatening messages from people saying they are police

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — The Blue Springs, Missouri Police Department is warning the public of a new scam. Police say they have received multiple reports from people saying they are getting calls with messages from the police department requesting that they contact them on an urgent matter.

Police said the messages contained threats that the person is guilty of different incidents such as failing to show up for court, or jury and they have an active warrant and can be arrested immediately unless they send money through wire transfer or a prepaid gift card.

Names of sergeants and officers with the department are mentioned in the voice mails and telephone conversations.

Phone numbers have shown up on Caller ID or to call are: several area code 816 numbers, Missouri; 213-441-5450, Los Angeles, California; 616-723-0119 and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The department says they do not make phone calls of this nature and will never request money to be sent via wire transfer or prepaid gift card.

Police said never give your credit/debit card number or bank routing number if you are unsure if the call is legitimate.

If you have any reservations regarding a call you receive, call your local police department. If Blue Springs residents believe they are the victim a scam, contact Blue Springs Dispatch at 816-228-0151.

Any phone number or email address can be “spoofed” to appear to be any number or email address, to include a government agency or police department.




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