Blue Springs teen, mom say school district didn’t handle alleged bullying incident fairly


BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — A Blue Springs South High School student is speaking out after she said she was bullied. Both she and her mother feel not enough was done.

The school district said the student involved has already been disciplined.

“I don’t care if it was a joke or not, but that’s not what you should joke about, and it will never be a funny joke,” 14-year-old Keilynn said.

She’s talking about suicide and said last Friday a boy she goes to school with posted on his Snapchat story that she should kill herself. One of her friends showed her the post on the bus ride home.

“I didn’t know what to do and it was right before I got off the bus and right when I got off the bus I was bawling my eyes out,” Keilynn said.

“Thank God she showed somebody because this is serious,” her mom, Donetta Head said.

Head said she immediately went to the principal, but felt they didn’t take the incident seriously enough.

“There’s solid proof. You talked to my child. What are you going to do to fix this?” Head said.

The district said they did fix it.

The incident was taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. Based on findings, the appropriate consequences were set forth using board policy. Like all other situations, student safety and well-being were considered throughout the process. Due to student privacy laws, we cannot disclose additional information.

Blue Springs School District

Head said the school told her they put a no contact order in place between the students.

The district defines bullying in their student handbook as “acts committed repeatedly and systematically with the intention to make, or which have the effect of making, another person feel intimidated, threatened, fearful or apprehensive for their safety, humiliated, degraded, ostracized or excluded, subservient to another person, less important or unworthy because of physical appearance, socio-economic status, academic ability, sexual identity, or other characteristics”

Keilynn said that’s exactly how she felt and this isn’t the first time she’s been bullied by the same student.

“What happens when it’s the next kid? What happens if this kid doesn’t have the same support system that Keilynn has, and that kid goes home and grants his wish?” Head said.

“It will never be OK, and especially when you tell someone you wish they’d kill themselves or to kill themselves,” Keilynn said.

Head said she also reported the incident to the Blue Springs Police Department and has considered an ex-parte against the student.

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