Blue Springs woman struggling to find who’s responsible for fixing massive pothole

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — It’s been a rough winter on metro roads and some drivers are paying the price. But when it comes to repaving the payment and replacing tires, who’s responsible?

That’s a question one Blue Springs woman has been struggling to get an answer on.

Lorelei Schieferdecker recently hit a massive pothole at the intersection of Clark Road and 7 Highway in Blue Springs. She had to replace her tire, a damage costing nearly $325.

“I am just concerned about other people hitting it and having to experience what I did,” Schieferdecker said.

The headache continued when trying to find out who’s responsible. The pothole sits on the intersection of a city street and a state highway — who’s pothole is it?

She started by calling the City of Blue Springs.

“I talked with the person there. She said they had received calls about it. They sent some of their workers out to look into it, came back and said, ‘No, it is not our responsibility,'” Schieferdecker said.

She then filed a claim with Missouri Department of Transportation.

“I don’t know what I do if MoDOT comes back and says, ‘Nope, that’s Blue Springs, Mo..’ Do I camp out here? Do I wait to see who comes to fix it?” Schieferdecker said.

Some area businesses also braced for the impact, including O’Reilly Auto Parts. The manager said the pothole popped up nearly two weeks ago and keeps getting worse.

Schieferdecker said it’s a problem she wants patched before the next snow fall.

“Please, somebody fix it. Don’t make anybody else go through what I went through with this pothole. It’s totally unnecessary,” she said.

FOX4 reached out to MoDOT about the pothole. They said they are looking into it and typically fix the potholes depending on the order it comes in.

The City of Blue Springs told FOX4 if you are unsure who is responsible for a pothole, feel free to call and they can point you in the correct direction.



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