OVERLAND PARK, Kan. —Next month people who live within the Blue Valley School District boundary will get a chance to vote on a new bond plan for the district. 

On Jan. 31, residents will be asked to participate in a mail-in election to decide if the district should issue general obligation bonds.

The district is seeking approval for a $251,250,000 bond to support facility, technology and safety upgrades. 

Part of that money would be used to build a new middle school in the southern portion of the district. The bond would also cover facility upgrades at existing buildings including the construction of a multipurpose gym at two high schools and three middle schools.

Portions of the bond would support school safety enhancements across the district including upgraded fire alarms, emergency communications systems and access card readers. 

Based on the proposed projects, the district does not anticipate an increase to the current property tax rate that is being used to pay off district bonds. If the bond is not approved by voters, the district will not receive additional funds and will continue to pay off existing bonds. 

Jan. 3 is the last day residents can register to vote and automatically receive a mail-in ballot. 

Anyone who registers to vote Jan. 4 to Jan. 10 will not be automatically mailed a ballot. These residents will need to request a ballot from the Johnson County Election Office. 

The Johnson County Election Office will begin mailing residents ballots on Jan. 11. 

Voters must return their ballots by mail or to an election dropbox by noon on Tuesday, Jan. 31.  

Voters can mail their ballot back to the Johnson County Election office in a pre-marked envelope, or drop off their ballot at one of two designated drop boxes located at the Johnson County Election Office at 2101 E. Kansas City Road in Olathe, or at the Blue Valley Library at 9000 W 151st St., in Overland Park.