OLATHE, Kan. — On Monday, a Johnson County judge reduced bond for 39-year-old Christopher Poskey, who was charged over the weekend with two counts of sex exploitation of a child.

Arrested last Friday, Poskey is an athletic trainer at Blue Valley Southwest High School, bringing forward a flurry of questions still lacking answers.

Judge Neil Foth reduced the bond amount to $150,000 which is down from the quarter million dollars originally set.

FOX4 asked the Blue Valley School District about the status of Poskey’s employment. That issue has not been decided yet, according to an email from a district spokesperson.

But Judge Foth is also allowing Poskey to communicate with the district staff regarding his employment despite there being district staff on the criminal complaint’s witness list.

It is still unclear exactly what Poskey is accused of doing but FOX4 has confirmed he is a University of Kansas Health System athletic trainer who was working at Blue Valley Southwest High School.

He was arrested at the end of last week for “Electronic solicitation of a child” – allegedly happening sometime between last Wednesday and Friday.

The principal of the high school told parents in an email that the child victim is younger than 14-years-old.

“There are no words strong enough to describe the difficult and serious nature of these charges,” Tyler Alexander, Principal at Blue Valley Southwest High School, wrote in a message to parents.

FOS4 has asked multiple times if the child is a student at the high school or within the Blue Valley School District. The district has referred those questions to JOCO investigators. FOX4 also awaits the affidavit with more details.

However, it is clear that BVSD staff members at the high school are listed as witnesses in the case – it is just unknown in what capacity.

The judge also modified another condition of Poskey’s bond which originally said that he could not have contact with children.

Poskey has three kids. The Judge said he will be allowed to interact with them as a condition of his release.