Blue Valley special education teacher’s husband describes her injuries from classroom assault

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – A classroom assault happened in a special education program at the Blue Valley Center on Monday.

Robert Anderson says doctors tell him his wife has a concussion, human bites, a knee injury and a second head injury. He told FOX 4 that she's been a special-education teacher for 15 years, but has never had something like this happen to her.

“She said there was an incident with a student and she had been bitten several times, she had been hit in the head, kicked,” Anderson described.

Johnson County fire said it received the call for an assault around 10 on Monday morning. Anderson said his wife said she wasn't feeling well -- and that she was dizzy and disoriented. She asked him to come pick her up, but he said she needed to call an ambulance immediately.

“By the time she had called me she was already not feeling well and I had asked if they, if somebody was helping her and they were trying to take care of the child,” he said.

But Anderson said his wife needed medical attention too -- and quick.

“I was worried; she’s worked in this field for about 15 years and this has happened occasionally she gets injured, just the nature of the children she works with, but this seemed a lot more severe with the head injury,” he explained.

The school district issued a statement saying a student became agitated and acted out. Anderson said another teacher jumped in and tried to help -- and was stabbed with a pencil.

Thankfully, he says his wife has had special training over her 15 years working as a special-ed teacher – that she used to try to calm the child down.

FOX 4 is told crisis intervention training officers also responded to the situation. The Blue Valley School District says the student is elementary school age, and add that no other students were ever in danger.



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