Blue Valley students return to school with most learning online


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Blue Valley students are now back in class. Elementary students are attending in-person two days a week, the rest online. Middle and high school students are in full remote learning to start.

Zoe Arp’s junior year at Blue Valley West isn’t exactly what she imagined.

“This is like a weird way to go to high school but it works, so I’m happy about that,” Arp said.

Zoe is even doing debate team virtually this year. She can tell the district’s put a lot of work into making remote learning a much better experience. But there are still some hiccups, which her sister Lexi experienced trying to sign into her first class Wednesday morning.

“English language arts is my very first class of the day and it wouldn’t let me in,” Lexi Arp said.

For both girls, keeping track of class schedules and Zoom times is definitely a challenge.

“I have notes on my phone, on my planner, on paper. I have to be super self-motivated which is kind of hard, but guess it’s a good lesson,” Zoe Arp said.

Mom Susan Arp checks in on the girls through cameras to help make sure they’re staying on task and completing required learning minutes. It’s critical in helping her balance working from home in teaching special needs preschoolers in KCK.

“As the parent, my job is to be that calm in the storm and that’s really hard to do because I’m feeling it too,” Susan Arp said.

Susan and her daughters are already realizing the keys to success during this strange school year.

“I just wish all educators the grace they need to get through this and wish all parents the grace they need to get through this,” Susan said.

“We just have to kind of go with the flow and it might be a little bit crazy, but junior year is going to be crazy already, so I don’t really mind,” said Zoe.

The family is hoping students can return to in-person learning eventually. Blue Valley is keeping a close eye on coronavirus cases to see when that might be possible.



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