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WASHINGTON DC. – Republican U.S. Senator Roy Blunt said farewell to Washington today. He is retiring after a political career just short of 50 years. His term ends in January.

Current Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt was elected to the U.S. Senate in November. The race to fill his seat gained national attention in during the primary. Former Governor Eric Greitens was among many others trying to represent Missouri. Former President Donald Trump even endorsed “Eric” in the close race.

Blunt focused on working with others during his 20-minute speech, saying at one point that, “Finding someone on the other side to work with produces the most lasting results.”

He also spoke fondly of the Show-Me-State:

“When I gave my first speech on the Senate floor 12 years ago, or when I cast my first vote in the house 26 years ago, I had really no way to anticipate the challenges and opportunities that were ahead of us. I come to the floor today grateful to my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, and on both sides of the capitol. When we agree and when we don’t, we’re bound by the constitution to seek a more perfect union.

Of course, I’m most grateful to Missourians who have given me the chance to work for them as a county official, as Missouri Secretary of State and both the United States House and United States Senate. Missouri is where the country comes together, the north meets the south, the east meets the west. No states have more states at its borders than us, and only one as many states as we have. We’ve been the population center of America for the last five decade. Moving down Interstate 44 as the population has moved west and south.”

He reflected on a lot of the events during his time in Washington, like 9-11 and the pandemic. Blunt ended on this line, “What we do here is more important than who we are. Thanks for letting me do part of it with you.”