KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Finding Kansas City’s next chief of police could take a year.

The president of the Board of Police Commissioners, Bishop Mark Tolbert, shared new information at a community meeting Monday night.

He spoke with residents at Kansas City’s South Patrol as part of a meeting for the South Kansas City Alliance.

Before the next chief is found the board will have to put a committee together to select the candidates. Tolbert said they want to make sure the search is not only done right but is also up to date.

“We just don’t want to rush the process,” Tolbert said. “However, many applications come in they will vet them and our goal is for them to bring the top five candidates to the board and then we will boil it down to three.”

Tolbert took questions from the community in the meeting about what the search will be like.

“I thought it was very good. People were interested and they should be to make sure that we have a collaborate effort in choosing the police chief for Kansas City,” Tolbert said.

He said the three paired-down candidates will be presented to the community for opportunities to interact and speak with them. Once they get a feel for the community’s response, the board will make a decision, which could take up to a year.

John Sharp, former city councilman and president of the South Kansas City Alliance, said the community’s input on the next chief is vital.

“I was very impressed with the ideas that people had on the qualities and qualifications that they want for the next chief of police,” Sharp said.

Tolbert said all that information will be valuable, and he hopes the next chief will be here to stay.

“My hope is that the city will put in as much as input as possible so that we get a police chief that really believes in serving and protecting the entire community,” Tolbert said.

On May 24, the input from the listening sessions from the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce will be presented to the board. Tolbert said that information and later community events will go into how the next chief of police is selected.