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CLINTON CO., Mo. – Authorities say that they found the bodies of two white females in a rural field just southwest of Trimble late Sunday.

Platte County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Erik Holland said they were led to that area by a person of interest in the case of two missing women from Edgerton, Mo. He said that person has been arrested and they believe they have the all the people involved in custody. Holland would not say how the person is connected to the case.

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Holland said the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office requested Platte County’s help in the search because of the information provided by the person of interest.

Holland said the bodies that were discovered off County Line Rd., near 200th St., have not yet been identified. But their office, along with several other agencies, have been scouring the area to investigate the case of missing half-sisters, 19-year-old Britny Haarup and 22-year-old Ashley Key.

Authorities found the truck linked to the investigation of missing women Saturday. The women were reported missing Friday afternoon when one of the woman’s two young children were found alone at a home.

Key and Haarup’s family had posted up to 400 fliers in the area to help locate their loved one.

“They’re mothers, they’re human, they’re people. They’re everybody’s daughter,” Paul Haarup, the women’s father, said.

Family said Key had only been staying with Haarup and her fiance at their home in Edgerton for a few days, as the start of a plan to try to get her life straightened up, because they said she was hanging out with the wrong crowd.

But Friday around 4 p.m., family said Haarup’s fiance came home to find his daughters, 1-year-old and 6-months, alone in a crib.

The family thinks the people Key had previously been involved with might have something to do with their disappearance.

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