LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — A Bonner Springs man pleaded guilty and will be sentenced following a string of crimes.

Cody G. Maxwell, 33, pleaded guilty to possession of oxycodone and criminal possession of a firearm stemming from two arrests in October.

Basehor police arrested Maxwell on Oct. 7, 2022, as he walked out of a fast-food restaurant. Court documents show the officers suspected Maxwell of driving on a suspended license and asked for his license. Maxwell told officers he forgot it inside the restaurant and walked back inside.

According to court documents, one of the officers noticed that Maxwell had a green bottle he tried to conceal while inside the restaurant. He then left the restaurant and threw the bottle in a trashcan. Officers recovered the bottle and said it contained oxycodone pills.

Maxwell also pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a firearm.

Less than two weeks after officers arrested him on drug charges, a man went to Maxwell’s home to get motorcycles he was storing on the property. The man started arguing with another man outside of Maxwell’s home. Court documents show Maxwell grabbed a rifle from inside the home. The man told police he felt threatened.

Maxwell is not allowed to own a firearm because he pleaded no contest to a drug charge and driving under the influence in August 2022. The plea is a conviction in the court’s eyes, making Maxwell a convicted felon.

Maxwell is scheduled to be sentenced on June 9, 2023.