KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Local leaders are still looking for the last piece of public input while they figure out how to honor a local law enforcement hero.

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County has a survey to get public input about what Boston Daniels Park should look like when the work starts next spring.

It’s a long time coming for Daniels’ great-niece, Karen.

“I’m just ready for the community to come up and grandfathers and grandsons to share the story of Boston Daniels and enjoy the picnic area,” Karen said.

Boston Daniels was one of the KCK Police Department’s first black officers and was the department’s first black Police Chief in the late 1960’s. FOX4 shared his story of perseverance through what would have been a challenging time while racial tensions simmered across the nation.

Fixing up the park is a way to remember the man but also help a community in need in the way Daniels would have.

“Boston Daniels was big on sustainability and community development and to be able to bring something to this community that we call can use for all ages, it’s really exciting for all of us,” Karen said.

Angel Ferrara’s UG Parks and Recreation Department has been getting public input for months, helping narrow down the parks’ features while making sure its impact spreads beyond the roadways that border it.

“It definitely brings shade, but a shelter is a place for the community to congregate and just be able to meet in their neighborhood,” Ferrara said. “Bringing something like that to this part just helps bring people in the neighborhood together and let them know that this is a safe place.”

Kastaysa Williams helped design the nearly finalized plan with a shelter, play area, memorial gardens, accessible walkways, public art, and Boston Daniels statue.

“From a regional standpoint, this is going to be an icon for the community,” Williams said. “Because this is in his honor, we wanted to make sure that he had the highest elevation possible in this park.”

That will let him look over Quindaro Boulevard, where KCK Police Chief Karl Oakman said his department is already seeing results from increased patrols and more visibility.

The park not only honors the first black police chief but helps lift up the neighborhood in a way that mirror’s Daniels’ approach to policing.

“I think that is just a great opportunity to really give back to those people who really have given to the community and stayed, and I think that when you talk about Quindaro, it just needs a little love and care and this is a first step towards doing that,” Oakman said.

You can fill out the survey here.