Boulevard Brewery partners with Arbor Day Foundation to plant 20,000 trees


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Boulevard Brewery is continuing their efforts in protecting the environment and preserving the earth by partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation.

This year, 7% of all profits from the Space Camper line of beers will go to the foundation to help plant 20,000 trees nationwide.

“When we launched Space Camper a couple of years ago, Space Camper being this big intergalactic IPA,” Brand Manager Adam Hall said. “We though. ‘What better time to have a mission of preserving the earth?’ It’s the only planet with beer and it’s where all our natural ingredients come from.”

If you go to the brewery, you will not see trash cans or dumpsters, you will see Ripple Glass collection bins and Missouri Organic Recycling bins.

“Everything that leaves this brewery we either recycle it, reuse it, we compost it and if it doesn’t fit into any of those categories, we send to a company a company called Lafarge and they burn it for energy and they reduce that to ash to become concrete.”

The facility has a green roof that collects rainwater to insulate the building, solar panels to offset energy use and an estimated 1 billion Boulevard Brewery glass bottles have been saved from landfills.

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