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KANSAS CITY, Mo. —  Just a couple days ago a 10-year-old boy thought he’d never see his Super Bowl souvenir ball again. But thanks to social media, he’s been reunited with his football.

This is the moment, Doni Morales has been eagerly awaiting.

“I was very happy. I was like ‘yeah, yeah!’ Doni said.

In exchange for his returned ball, Doni and his father, Kike Morales gifted Kawai Porter with Super Bowl gear and confetti from the big game.

The Kansas City Chiefs also offered up a Super Bowl LIV ball.

“It makes me feel amazing. It just goes to show that Kansas City, we’ve got the best people, best fans out there,” Porter said.

Doni lost his ball Wednesday during the Chiefs celebration parade. Kike threw the ball up towards Chiefs players, he missed.

Someone in the crowd tossed the ball up to Patrick Mahomes who he threw it back. Porter found himself on the receiving end of Mahomes’ pass.

“I turn around and see Patrick Mahomes load up for a pass and he throws the ball. It’s coming right towards me,” Porter said.

He says he then picked up the ball, but later, thanks to Twitter, realized it belonged to Doni.

“I saw the article and I’m like oh I’ve got to find this guy. This ball means a lot to him. So I figured out who he was. Then we set up to give the ball back” Porter said.

Right now, Doni is thankful Porter did the right thing.

“Because not everyone will have the kind heart that he has,” Morales said.

The Chiefs did offer Doni a Super Bowl LIV ball as a replacement for what happened on Wednesday. But he let Kawai keep it as a gift instead.