KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The week of extreme heat is halfway over but it’s putting a strain on Kansas City area schools.

Kansas City Public Schools switched to half days this week since not all classrooms have central air conditioning.

That announcement came late Monday, leaving many parents scrambling to find child care for the rest of the week.

Fortunately, one local organization stepped up.

Rushing to find childcare is not a position any parent wants to be in, especially the first week of school.

Right after KCPS made that announcement, The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City” announced it would be extending its hours this week to help families out.

“The decision to release early this week was not taken Light,” said KCPS Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Collier.

The district cut classes short this week due to the extreme heat and a lack of reliable air conditioning in schools and buses.

“I was a little bit irritated because I like being in school. I like getting my full education, being with my friends,” 7th grader, Torionne said.

She spends her after school hours at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City, which is open for an additional three-and-a-half hours this week following the announcement from KCPS.

“It certainly put us in a position where we just kind of went into another gear,” said Jason Roth with Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City.

Like configuring overtime for staff and an extra meal each day for the roughly 500 KCPS students who utilize the Boys and Girls Club.

While they have the budget for those things, they get two meal deliveries per week and are running a little tight on supplies.

Fortunately, the second delivery is expected Thursday, which should balance things out.

“We’re going to open our clubs to make sure the young people have access to a cool environment during the day,” Roth said.

Since Monday, more than 100 parents have registered their child with the Boys and Girls Club.

Some of that is due to the shortened school week.

“But some of that’s natural being this early in the school year,” Roth said.

Some spots are still open to register your child. The Boys and Girls Club helps students with literacy tutoring, technology programs and sports, while providing them a full breakfast and dinner.