Braving snow and ice, KC delivery service pedals food right to your doorstep

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A company called “The Bike Waiter” is braving the snow and ice to bring lunch and dinner to your front door. This is the first winter the bike waiter has been around in Kansas City. Hence the name –the company delivers by bicycle.

“We fell in love with the concept, and we order lunch when we`re lazy, or on a busy schedule and just want something hot,” said customer Sarah Fustine.

It’s on a day like Thursday — when the snow just won’t stop, and the restaurant you want doesn’t deliver– where the Bike Waiter comes in handy.

“We provide deliveries for restaurants who otherwise don`t have the means to,” says Pedro Cantu, the Regional Market Manager for The Bike Waiter.

The delivery service opened in Kansas City in June 2015, and only exists in three other cities besides KC.

“Riders have one of our apps, and they receive the orders on the app,” Cantu added.

You can order online or through the app. You can see the customer and restaurant names and addresses, what the order is, the cost, even a route.

“Pretty much right now we`re just doing River Market to 31st, Troost to the West Bottoms,” Cantu said.

The restaurant menu is on the Bike Waiters website. you order through them and they call it in.

“In the meantime, the rider is on the way to the restaurant while it`s being called in, that way the food is either ready or about to be ready as soon as the rider gets there,” said Cantu.

Then the biker heads to the customer. It takes about 30 minutes.

“We don`t have the staff to provide delivery for our customers, so as a convenience, we hooked up with Bike Waiter, so that they could start delivering to people, especially in times like the winter when people don`t want to go out in the snow and drive,” said Ellen Goodrich, a bartender at LuLu’s Thai Noodle Shop, just one of 18 restaurants participating. “People like having their food brought to them.”

Cantu says it`s really easy to get around on a bike, and usually faster than a car in this type of weather.

“The food that we have, that we pick up, we keep in insulated bags, so it will stay warm, or cold, especially in the winter time it stays hot,” Cantu explained.

“I feel bad sometimes making the Bike Waiter bike in the snow, but  hey, if they`re willing, and they`re all bundled up, then I would rather have them in the snow than myself,” said Fustine.



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