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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Home alarm systems did not stop burglars in one South Kansas City, Mo., neighborhood where victims said intruders ransacked their homes to steal TVs and laptops.

Homeowners living in the Santa Fe Hills neighborhood said the thieves broke in while they were away, making them think someone was watching them prior to the crimes.

They described the burglars as “brazen” for breaking in through doors and windows in the middle of the day, even if there was an alarm system sign posted in the front yard.

“These guys knew what they were doing,” said burglary victim Fred Wright.

Wright’s alarm system went off, but not before the intruders pulled out drawers and stole two laptops.

“It’s disbelief,” he said, before adding, “If somebody wants to break into your house, regardless of what you have or don’t have, they’re going to do it.”

Another house’s alarm system went off after someone forced in their basement door, but nothing was taken.

Lori Truelove wasn’t so lucky. She came home to find her front door busted off its hinges, despite having a padlock on it.

“According to the police, they’ve been doing this thing called a donkey kick,” Truelove explained. “Basically they just stand and hit the door like that with their foot and pop them open.”

Truelove said once inside, the bad guy or guys ransacked her home.

“They went into both of the bedrooms and flipped the mattresses off the beds,” she said, “and pulled out all the drawers and just dumped everything out on the floor and pulled clothes out of the closets and drawers and I’m not sure what they were looking for.”

The intruders made off with a TV, laptop, and tablet.

Police are now investigating whether the three break-ins that happened in the same area within just a few hours are related.

For Truelove, it’s a violation of privacy that’s now shattered her sense of security.

“I would never do that to anybody,” she said. “Why do you have to do this? Go get a job and buy your own stuff. Why come into my house and make us feel uncomfortable even being in the house? I don’t think they even have a conscience to do something like this.”