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That’s one big dog.

It almost doesn’t look real. But Freddie the Great Dane is real indeed, and he’s larger than life.

Freddie’s owner, Claire Stoneman, picked Freddie and his sister from a litter of puppies about 18 months ago. Believe it or not, Freddie was the runt. But then…

“He just started growing and growing and growing — like an inch a month,” Claire said.

Today he stands 7’4″ when on his hind legs. When on all fours, he can stand at the kitchen counter and drink from the faucet. And at 18 months old, he’s not finished growing. He’s expected to surpass the size of Zeus, the Great Dane who holds the current Guinness World Record for largest dog. Zeus also stands 7’4″.

A growing boy like Freddie needs food. And a lot of it. Stoneman said she spends about $135-$145 a week on Freddie’s meals alone. Among other things, Freddie devours four roasted chickens a week.

sofaHe’s also devoured and destroyed 14 of Stoneman’s sofas.

But despite the madness, Freddie and his sister are beloved members of the Stoneman family.

“I love spending time with them,” Stoneman said. “They’re my life. They’re my babies. They’re my No. 1 priorities.”

While Freddie is receiving a lot of attention for his size, Stoneman said the most important thing is his well being.

“All that I want for my dogs is that they’re healthy and that they’re well,” she said. ”