British boy who battled cancer in KC says ‘little dot’ of cancer might have returned

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — From the UK to KC, then back to the UK and now back in KC. Alex Goodwin is the metro again, and this time with a bit of news.

In June 2016, Alex was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer that affects children. His family wanted the best possible treatment, which is what brought the young British boy to the KU Health System.

He was very sick when he first arrived in Kansas City nearly three years ago. His father is in the police field in Britain, and as a sign of support, dozens of metro patrol cars greeted him, lights blazing.

Since then, he’s worked hard to make progress.

On Monday, golfers played in a tournament to help toward a goal of $30,000 to help with his care. And at The Peanut near 127th and Metcalf, FOX4 caught up with Alex so he could share some recent health news.

“The scans have come back, and they saw a little dot on my left lung, which they believe maybe to be my cancer returning, which is a terrible thing to hear because I’ve been in so much pain through this,” he said.

“But they’ve caught it so soon, literally, that it’s the size of a pinhead.”

He and his family are active on Twitter where he keeps his followers informed of his progress.

If you’d like to donate toward Alex’s care, you can reach out to The Peanut’s owner via email for more information.

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